Enter up to 10 different percentages into the calculator to determine the resulting product of those percentages.

Multiplying Percentage Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the product of 2 or more percentages.

X = [ (a/100) * (b/100) * (c/100) .. ] *100

  • Where X is the resulting product %
  • a,b,c..etc are the individual percentages being multiplied.

How to multiply percentages?

The following is an example problem on how to properly multiply percentages. We will assume we have five difference percentages being multiplied, 5%,10%,15%,20%, and 25%.

First, we must break these down into decimal values. This yields the following decimals: .05,.10,.15,.20, and .25.

Next, multiply the decimals together. Using the method described in the Decimal Multiplication Calculator, we find the result to be: .000375.

Finally, multiply this result by 100 to get our resulting percentage. .000375*100= .0375%.

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