Enter two numbers, X and Y, into the calculator below to determine the value of the square root of x times the square root of y.

Multiplying Square Roots Formula

Multiplying square roots is typically done in one of two ways. One is through the method described above. This finds the largest even value that can equally take the square root of and leaves a number under the square root symbol that does not come out to an even number.

Multiplying Square Roots Definition

Multiplying square roots involves multiplying the results of the individual square roots.

Example Problem

Let’s look at an example of multiplying the square roots of 3 different numbers.

  1. First, the numbers are given as 3,4, and 5 respectively,
  2. Next, we need to multiply the 3 numbers together. 3*4*5= 60.
  3. Finally, take the square root of the result from step 2. Sqrt (60) = 7.7459.


Can you multiply two square roots together? It is possible to multiply any two or more square roots together using the formula Sqrt(a) * Sqrt(b) = Sqrt (a*b). In other words, multiply the whole numbers inside the roots, and then take the square root of the result.

How do you multiply mixed square roots? To multiply mixed square roots use the formula [ x*Sqrt(a) ] * [ y*Sqrt(b) ] = x*y * sqrt (a*b). Similar to the process for non-mixed roots, this adds another process of multiplying the mixed numbers in front of the roots together.