Enter any number into the calculator to determine the 4th root of that number.

Fourth Root Formula

The following equation is used to calculate a fourth root.

4sqrt = X ^ 1/^4
  • Where 4 sqrt is the fourth square root
  • X is the number being rooted.

Fourth Root Definition

A fourth root is defined as the value that if raised to the power of 4, would equal the original value.

Fourth Root Example

How to calculate a fourth root?

  1. First, determine the value.

    Determine the value you wish to take the fourth root of.

  2. Next, perform the calculation.

    Calculate the 4th root by raising the number to the power of (1/4).


What is a fourth root?

A fourth root is a number that if multiplied by itself 4 times would yield the original number. So the fourth root of 16 = 2, because 2*2*2*2 = 16.

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