Enter the cash flow from operations, cash flow from investing, and cash flow from financing. The calculator will determine the net cash flow.

Net Cash Flow Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the net cash flow of a business.

NCF = CO + CI + CF

  • Where NCF is the net cash flow
  • CO is the cash from operations
  • CI is the cash from investments
  • CF is the cash from financing

Net Cash Flow Definition

Net cash flow is a metric used to describe the total cash flow of a company that is being generated from all sources. The 3 main sources for cash flow are operations, investments, and financing. Cash flow is an important metric when analyzing the health of a business.

Net Cash Flow Example

How to calculate a net cash flow?

  1. First, determine the total cash from operations.

    Calculate the cash generated from operations.

  2. Next, determine the cash from investments.

    Calculate the cash generated from investments.

  3. Next, determine the cash from financing.

    Calculate the cash generated from financing.

  4. Finally, calculate the net cash flow.

    Calculate the net cash flow using the formula above.


What is net cash flow?

Net cash flow is the total cash flow generated from all sources including operations, investments, and financing.

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