Enter the oven cooking time and conversion factor into the calculator to determine the microwave cooking time.

Oven To Microwave Conversion Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the microwave cooking time from the oven cooking time.

MT = OT * CF


  • MT is the microwave cooking time OT is the oven cooking time CF is the conversion factor (typically 0.25 for converting from oven to microwave)

To calculate the microwave cooking time, multiply the oven cooking time by the conversion factor. The result is the equivalent microwave cooking time.

What is an Oven To Microwave Conversion?

Oven-to-microwave conversion refers to the process of adjusting cooking times and temperatures when switching from using a conventional oven to a microwave oven. This is necessary because microwaves and conventional ovens heat food in different ways. Microwaves cook food by emitting waves that excite water molecules, causing them to heat up, while conventional ovens heat food by surrounding it with hot air. Therefore, cooking times and temperatures in a microwave are typically lower than in a conventional oven.