Enter the total percentage grade and weight of each grade into the calculator. The calculator will determine the overall grade value.

Overall Grade Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the overall grade in a class.

G = C1% * W + C2% * W + C3% * W… / N

  • Where G is the overall grade (%)
  • C1% etc, are the individual grades
  • W are the weights of each grade
  • N is the total number of grades

Overall Grade Definition

An overall grade is the final grade of a class or person based on all of the grades and weight percentage.

Overall Grade Example

How to calculate an overall grade?

  1. First, determine the individual grades.

    Determine each individual grade percentage.

  2. Next, determine the weights of those grades.

    Determine how much each grade weights towards the total grade.

  3. Finally, calculate the overall grade.

    Calculate the overall grade using the equation above.


What is an overall grade?

An overall grade is your actually final grade after taking into account the weighted percentages of each individual grade.

How can one grade effect the overall grade more than another?

The reason that some grades affect the overall grade more than others is that they have a higher “weight”. This weight is another way of saying that these grades are valued more towards the final grade.