Enter the DGPA, degree grade point average, into the calculator to determine the grade percentage.

DGPA to Percentage Formula

The following formula is used to convert a DGPA to a percentage.

% = (DGPA – .75 ) *10

  • Where % is your percentage grade
  • DGPA is the degree grade point average

To calculate percentage from DGPA, subtract .75 from the DGPA, then multiply the result by 10.

What is DGPA?


DGPA is a term used in education that stands for degree grade point average. The DGPA is known as the weight sum of the SGPA.

How to calculate percentage from DGPA?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines how to calculate a percentage from DGPA.

First, determine the DGPA. From the summation of the SGPA, the DGPA in this example is calculate to be. 4.5.

Next, the final and last step is to use the formula above to calculate the percentage.

% = (DGPA – .75 ) *10

% = (4.5 – .75 ) *10

% = 37.5%