Parallel Line Calculator

Calculate the formula of a line parallel to another line. Enter the slope intercept form of the first equation, and a coordinate the second line passes through to calculate the equation of the second line.

Parallel Line Formula

The formula for calculating a parallel line is fairly straight forward, as long as you have enough information. You can follow the steps below for calculating the equation of a parallel line.

First, you need the formula of the first line you are going to be parallel to. This needs to be in the form of y = mx + b, where m is the slope, and b is the y intercept of that line.

Next, you need to determine a point that the parallel line passes through. This is either given to you, or you can choose it in the form (x₀,y₀).

The next step is to calculate the y intercept, b, of the parallel line. To do this you use this equation: b = y₀ – m * x₀, where m is the slope of the original line.

Finally you need to calculate the slope of the new line, but guess what, it’s the same as the first line! That’s the definition of parallel lines. They must of the same slope

parallel line calculator

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