Percent Yield Calculator

Enter the theoretical yield and the actual yield of your chemical reaction to calculate the percentage yield of said reaction.

How to calculate percent yield?

When it comes to chemistry, calculating the percent yield of a reaction is fairly straight forward. It’s a simple percentage calculation based on the theoretical yield and observed result. You may have stumbled on the page looking for the percent yield of something other than a chemical reaction, you can still use this calculator! Simply enter the max yield in the theoretical section and the actual yield and it will create the percentage yield. This could be square footage yield or yield of a sheet.

In chemistry the units are often recorded in grams when it comes to chemical reactions, but this calculator can actually be considered unit less since the end result is a percentage. Therefore, as long as the units match, you will yield something relevant.

Percent Yield Formula

As mentioned above, the formula for percent yield of a chemical reaction is the same as the formula for percentage, with the addition of certain units. This can be displayed as follows:

Percent Yield = Actual Yield / Theoretical Yield * 100

This is not to be confused with percent error, which is a ration of the difference of theoretical – actual/ theoretical.

Percent Yield Calculator
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