Enter the stroke length (mm) and the RPM (rev/min) into the calculator to determine the mean piston speed.

Piston Speed Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the mean piston speed.

MPS = 2 * S / 1000* RPM / 60
  • Where MPS is the mean piston speed (m/s)
  • S is the stroke length (mm)
  • RPM is the rotations per minute of the engine.

To calculate the mean piston speed, multiply the stroke length by 2, divide by 1000, multiply by the RPM, then divide by 60.

Piston Speed Definition

A piston speed, also commonly known as the mean piston speed, is the velocity of a moving piston inside a combustion engine.

Piston Speed Example

How to calculate a piston speed?

  1. First, determine the stroke length.

    Measure the total stroke length of the piston.

  2. Next, determine the RPM.

    Measure or calculate the rotations per minute of the engine.

  3. Finally, calculate the piston speed.

    Calculate the velocity of the piston using the formula above.


What is a piston?

A piston is an actuating cylinder in an internal combustion engine that is driven by the force of combustion and transfers that movement to the wheels of a car.

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