Select the shape of the PLA and enter the required variables. The calculator will evaluate and display the PLA weight. 

PLA Weight Formulas

The following formulas are used to calculate the weight of PLA in different shapes.

PLA Flat Sheet Weight Formula = L * W * H * d

PLA Round Bar Weight Formula = pi * D^2/4 * L * d

PLA Square Hollow Tube Weight Formula = [W^2-(W-T)^2] * L * d

PLA Round Hollow Tube Weight Formula = pi * (R^2-r^2) * L * d

PLA Square Angle Weight Formula = [W^2-(W-T)^2]/2 * L * d

PLA T bar Weight Formula = (W*T – (H-T)*T)* L * d

PLA C Channel Weight Formula = (2*W*T1+H*T2)* L * d

Variables used in these equations: 

  • L is the length
  • W is the width
  • H is the height
  • d is the density
  • D is the outer diameter
  • T is the thickness
  • R is the outer radius
  • r is the inner radius
  • T1 is the channel thickness along the width
  • T2 is the channel thickness along the height

The units used in all calculations on the calculator are inches for lengths and lbs/in^3 for density. These can be switched for any equivalent unit as long as the density units are also changed to match. For example, if you change the lengths to feet, the density should be in lbs/ft^3 or mass/ft^3.

What is the density of PLA?

The average density of PLA is 0.04624293 lbs/in^3.