Enter the electron density of the material into the calculator to determine the plasma frequency.

Plasma Frequency Formula

The following equation is used to calculate a plasma frequency.

F = Sqrt [ ( E * C ) / ( P * M) ] 
  • Where F is the plasma frequency
  • E is the electron number density
  • C is the electric charge (-1.602176*e^-19)
  • P is the permittivity of a vacuum (8.85418*e^-12)
  • M is the mass of an electron (9.10938*e^-31)

In the above equation, all values are already entered except for the electron number density.

Plasma Frequency Definition

The plasma frequency is defined as the natural frequency at which the plasma of a particular material oscillates.

Plasma Frequency Example

How to calculate plasma frequency?

  1. First, determine the electron number density.

    Calculate the electron number density.

  2. Next, calculate the plasma frequency.

    Calculate the plasma frequency using the formula above.


What is plasma frequency?

A plasma frequency is a frequency at which a plasma of a particular material oscillates.

How is plasma frequency calculated?

Plasma frequency depends on 4 values; the electron number density, the electric charge, permittivity, and mass of an electron.

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