Enter the total number of recombinants and the total offspring into the calculator to determine the recombination frequency.

Recombination Frequency Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a recombination frequency.

RF = RCO / TO *100
  • Where RF is the recombination frequency
  • RCO is the total number of recombinants
  • TO is the total offspring.

To calculate the recombination frequency, divide the number of recombinants by the total offspring.

Recombination Frequency Definition

A recombination frequency is defined as the ratio of recombinant offspring between two organisms.

Recombination Frequency Example

How to calculate a recombination frequency?

  1. First, determine the total number of recombinants.

    Calculate the number of recombinants.

  2. Next, determine the total offspring.

    Measure the total number of offspring.

  3. Finally, calculate the recombination frequency.

    Use the formula above to calculate the recombination frequency.


What is recombination frequency?

A recombination frequency is the rate or proportion of recombinant offspring that are produced between a genetic cross of two organisms.