Enter the percentage share bought, the total buy-in cost, and the markup percentage into the calculator to determine the total poker markup.

Poker Markup Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the total markup paid by an investor in a poker tournament.

PM = BIC * (1+MP/100) * PS/100
  • Where PM is the total poker markup paid by the investor ($)
  • BIC is the total buy in cost ($)
  • MP is the markup percentage (%)
  • PS is the percentage of the winning bought by the investor (%)

What is a Poker Markup?


A poker markup is a premium paid by an investor that has bought a percentage of winnings of a player by buying a percentage of the buy-in.

How to calculate Poker Markup?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines how to calculate the total paid by an investor in a poker player.

First, determine the total buy-in-cost. In this example, the buy-in-cost is $10,000.00.

Next, determine the percentage of winnings the investor bought in. In this case, the investor bought 10% of the winnings.

Next, determine the markup percentage. The markup percentage for this investor is 15%.

Finally, calculate the total amount paid by the investor for the 10% of winnings.

PM = BIC * (1+MP/100) * PS/100

PM = 10000 * ((1+(15/100)) * (10/100)

PM = $1,150.00