Enter the first power and the power that power is raised to in order to calculate the power of a power.

Power of a Power Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the power of a power.

A = B ^ X^ Y

  • Where A is the solution
  • B is the base
  • X is the first power
  • Y is the second power

Power of a Power Definition

A power of a power is defined as an exponent raised to another exponent.

Power of a Power Example

How to calculate a power of a power?

  1. First, determine the base number.

    This is the base number being raised to the powers. We will say this is 5 for this example.

  2. Next, determine the first power.

    For this example the first power is 2.

  3. Next, determine the second power.

    The second power is also 2.

  4. Finally, calculate the power of the power.

    Using the equation above we find the value to be 5^2^2 = 625.


How do you calculate the power of a power?

Raising a power to a power is the process of raising a base number to 1 power than another power.

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