Enter the specific heat ratio into the calculator to determine the maximum velocity using the prandtl meyer expansion formula.

Prandtl Meyer Expansion Velocity Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Prandtl Meyer Expansion Velocity.

Vmax = pi/2 * (SQRT((y+1)/(y-1))-1)

  • Where Vmax is the maximum velocity
  • y is the specific heat ratio .

What is a Prandtl Meyer Expansion Velocity?


The Prandtl Meyer Expansion fan is a two-dimensions simple wave that occurs when supersonic flow turns around a convex corner.

How to Calculate Prandtl Meyer Expansion Velocity?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate Prandtl Meyer Expansion Velocity.

First, determine the specific heat ratio. In this example, the specific heat ratio is found to be 1.45.

Next, the final and last step is to calculate the maximum velocity using the formula above:

Vmax = pi/2 * (SQRT((y+1)/(y-1))-1)

Vmax = pi/2 * (SQRT((1.45+1)/(1.45-1))-1)

Vmax = 2.0943