Enter the local flow velocity and the speed of sound in the medium into the calculator to determine the Mach number.

Mach Number Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a Mach number.

M = u / c
  • Where M is the Mach number
  • u is the local velocity
  • c is the speed of sound in the medium

To calculate the match number divide the local velocity by the speed of sound in the medium.

Mach Number Definition

A Mach number is defined as the ratio of a local velocity to the speed of sound.

Mach Number Example

How to calculate a Mach number?

  1. First, determine the speed of the object.

    Measure the speed of the object in the medium. The units for speed can be anything as long as the same units are used for the speed of sound.

  2. Next, determine the speed of sound.

    Calculate the speed of sound. Use the calculator linked about to help you.

  3. Finally, calculate the Mach number

    Using the formula, calculate the Mach number and analyze the relative speed.


What is a Mach number?

A Mach number is a ratio of an object’s velocity divided by the speed of sound in the medium the object is traveling through. Mach number is used to measure an object’s speed with respect to the medium and conditions surrounding it. For example, a Mach number of 1 means the object is traveling at the speed of sound. Anything greater than 1 and the object will have passed through the sound barrier and is now traveling faster than the speed of sound.

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