Enter your current sales and the number of days it took to make those sales to estimate your monthly and yearly projected sales.

Projected Sales Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a projected total amount of sales. To calculate total projected sales, divide the current revenue by the number of days and multiply by 30. This will yield the monthly estimated projected sales.

MS = CR / D * 30.5

YS = PMS * 12

  • Where MS is the projected monnthly sales revenue ($)
  • YS is the the projected yearly sales revenue ($)
  • CR is the current revenue ($)
  • D is the number of days the current revenue was acheive in ($)

In this example, the current revenue is just your total sales during an arbitrary time period, say 10 days, and your number of days is then 10.

It’s also important to keep in mind these formulas take into account weekends, so, your current period of time of sales should include weekends regardless of if any sales are made.

Projected Sales Definition

What are projected sales?

Projected sales are an estimate of the total sales a business will achieve in a time period given their current average amount of sales (typically given on a daily basis).

Example Problem

How to calculate projected sales?

  1. First, determine the time period of data you have to be analyzed.

    For this example, we have 10 days of data.

  2. Next, determine the total revenue/sales over the same time period.

    For this example problem, the business made a total of $6,000.00 in sales over the previous 10-day period.

  3. Finally, calculate the projected sales on a monthly and yearly basis.

    Using the formulas above, the projected sales are calculated as:
    MS = $6,000/ 10 * 30.5
    MS =$18,300.00
    YS = $18,300 * 12
    YS = $219,600.00