Enter the total monthly rent and the commission percentage. The rental commission calculator will display the total rental commission earned.

Rental Commission Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a rental commission.

 RC = AR * C
  • Where RC is the total rental commission ($)
  • AR is the total annual rent of the unit
  • C is the commission %

To calculate a rental commission, multiply the annual rent of the unit by the commission rate.

Rental Commission Definition

A rental commission is defined as the total value earned from a real estate agent from the sale of a rental property.

How to calculate rental commission?

  1. Determine the annual rent

    Multiply the monthly rent times 12.

  2. Determine the commission percent

    1 months rent would be a 8.33% commission rate

  3. Calculate the rental commission

    Use the formula or calculator above to calculate the rental commission.


What is a rental commission?

A rental commission is a percentage of the total rent of a unit paid to an agent that found the prospective tenants.

What should the rental commission be?

The rental commission rate often ranges from .5 months rent to 1.5 months rent on the high end.

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