Enter the angular moment and the angular velocity into the calculator to determine the rotational inertia.

Rotational Inertia Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a rotational inertia.

I = L / w

  • Where I is the rotational inertia (kg*m^2)
  • L is the angular momentum (kg*m^2*s^-1)
  • w is the angular velocity (rad/s)

Rotational Inertia Definition

Rotational inertia is defined as the total resistance to rotational movement about a radius.

Rotational Inertia Example

How to calculate rotational inertia.

  1. First, determine the angular moment.

    For this example, we will say the rotating object has an angular moment of 20 (kg*m^2*s^-1).

  2. Next, determine the angular velocity.

    For this example, the angular velocity will be 25 rad/s.

  3. Finally, calculate the angular inertia.

    Using the formula we find the inertia to be 20/25 = .80.


What is rotational inertia?

Rotational inertia is the resistance of an object to rotate about an object.

rotational inertia calculator
rotational inertia calculator