Enter the total cubic feet of the volume of the RV that needs to be heated into the calculator to determine the air conditioner size.

RV Air Conditioner Size Formula

The following formula is used to calculate and RV air conditioner size.

RVA = V / .416
  • Where RVA is the RV air conditioner size (BTUs)
  • V is the total volume of the RV (ft^3)

To calculate the air conditioner size needed for an RV, divide the total volume of the RV by .416.

The volume in this formula is calculated by multiplying the length, width, and height of the RV together. For example, a 30ft x 8 ft X 6ft RV would have a volume of 1440 cubic feet.

This formula can also be used for rooms and houses.

What air conditioner should i use for my RV?

An air conditioner for an RV should at a minimum, be able to cool the space in hot weather efficiently. The power of the air conditioner can be calculated using the formula above.

The air conditioner should also be reliable, so pick a well-known brand of air conditioning units.

How to calculate an RV air conditioner size?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines how to calculate the size of an air conditioner needed for an RV.

First, determine the volume of the RV. For this example, the RV has a volume of 1440 Cubit Feet.

Next, use the formula above along with the volume to calculate the BTUs of the air conditioner.

RVA = V / .416

RVA = 1440 / .416

RVA = 3461.56 BTUs