Enter the inside radius and the height of the silo into the calculator to determine the silo capacity.

Silo Capacity Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a silo capacity.

SC = pi*r^2*h
  • Where SC is the silo capacity (ft^3)
  • r is the inner radius of the silo (ft)
  • h is the height of the silo (ft)

To calculate a silo capacity, multiply the radius by itself, then multiply by pi = 3.14159, then multiply by the height. The units for radius and height must be the same.

What is a silo capacity?


A silo capacity is defined as the total usable internal volume of a silo.

How to Calculate a Silo Capacity?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines how to calculate a silo capacity.

First, measure the radius of the internal volume of the silo. This can be calculated by dividing the diameter by 2. In this example, the radius is 10 ft.

Next, determine the height of the silo. This silo in particular is measured to be 20 ft high.

Finally, calculate the silo capacity using the equation above.

SC = pi*r^2*h

SC = 3.14159*10^2*20

SC = 6283.18 ft^3