Enter the total time in minutes into the calculator to determine the number of tenths of an hour.

Tenth of an Hour Formula

The following formula is used to convert minutes into tenths of an hour.

10/H = M / 60 * 10 
  • Where 10/H is tenths of an hour
  • M is the total number of minutes

To calculate a tenth of an hour, divide the number of minutes by 60, then multiply by 10.

Tenth of an Hour Definition

A tenth of an hour is defined as one-tenth of an hour or one-tenth of 60 minutes.

Tenth of an Hour Example

How to calculate tenth of an hour?

  1. First, measure the total time.

    Determine the total time in minutes.

  2. Next, calculate the tenths of an hour.

    Using the equation above, calculate how many tenths of an hour the total time took.


What is a tenth of an hour?

A tenth of an hour represents 10% of an hour which is equal to 6 minutes.