Enter any number of minutes and seconds into the calculator to determine the equivalent fraction of an hour that those minutes represent.

Fraction of An Hour Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a fraction of an hour.

Y = X / 60 + Z / 360
  • Where Y is the fraction of the hour
  • X is the the number of minutes
  • Z is the number of seconds

To calculate a fraction of an hour, divide the number of minutes by 60, then add it to the number of seconds divided by 360.

Fraction of An Hour Definition

What is a fraction of an hour?

A fraction of an hour represents either the faction or decimal equivalent of a 60 minute time period. In other words, it is simply a fraction out of the integer 60.

Example Problem

How to calculate a fraction of an hour?

The following example problem outlines the necessary steps in order to calculate the fraction/decimal equivalent of an hour.

First, determine the total number of minutes. In this example, the total number of minutes will be 45.

Next, determine the total number of seconds. Sometimes, there may be no seconds. In those cases, the seconds value would be 0. For this problem, there are 20 seconds.

Finally, calculate the fraction of an hour using the formula above:

Y = X / 60 + Z / 360

Y = 45 / 60 + 20/360

Simplifying the fraction above we get:

Y = 3/4 + 1 /18

Adding these together and converting to a decimal format yields the following result:

Y = .805555