Enter the process(production) time, inspection time, move time, and wait time per unit into the calculator to determine the throughput time.

Throughput Time Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a throughput time.

TPT = PT + IT + MT + WT

  • Where TPT is the throughput time (min)
  • PT is the processing time (min)
  • IT is the inspection time (min)
  • MT is the move time (min)
  • WT is the wait time (min)

What is a throughput time?

A throughput time is a measure of the total time it takes to produce or manufacture a product from start to shipment. This includes waiting, moving, inspection, and processing times.

The processing time is the total time it takes for the machine or persons to create the product.

The inspection time is the total time it takes a person or machine to inspect the product.

Move time includes any time the product is in transit. This can be before, during, or after transit.

Wait time includes any time that the product is sitting waiting. This includes waiting to ship, waiting at stations, etc.

How to calculate throughput time?

The following example outlines the steps needed to calculate a throughput time.

First, determine the processing time. For this example, the total processing time is 15 minutes.

Next, determine the inspection time. In this case, the inspection takes 10 minutes.

Next, determine the total wait time. The wait time for this problem is 20 minutes total.

Next, determine the moving time. The product is in movent for 5 minutes total.

Finally, calculate the throughput time using the formula:

TPT = PT + IT + MT + WT

TPT = 15+ 10 + 20 +5

TPT = 50 minutes