Enter your total body weight into the calculator to estimate your total body water weight and volume.

Total Body Water Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the total amount of body water in your body.

WW = 2/3*BW

WV = BW / 62.4

  • Where WW is your water weight (lbs)
  • BW is your total body weight (lbs)
  • WV is your water volume (ft^3)

Total Body Water Definition

Total body water is defined as the total amount of water that is contained within your body.

Total Body Water Example

How to calculate total body water?

  1. First, measure your total body weight.

    Measure your total body weight in pounds.

  2. Next, calculate your body water weight and volume.

    Using the two equations above, calculate the weight and volume of the water contained within your body.


How much water is in a human body?

Human’s contain roughly 2/3 or 66.66% water by weight. This means that two thirds of your weight is from water.

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