Enter the total cost of towing and the total distance towed into the calculator to determine the towing cost per mile. This calculator can also determine the total cost or total miles given the cost per mile and the other variable value.

Towing Cost Per Mile Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Towing Cost Per Mile.

  • Where TCPM is the towing cost per mile ($/mile)
  • TC is the towing cost ($)
  • D is the distance towed (miles)

To calculate the towing cost per mile, simply divide the towing cost by the distance.

What is the Average Towing Cost Per Mile?

The average cost of towing per mile is $4.34 (updated 2022) and the average cost of a tow is $200 (updated 2022). The majority of tows fall within the range of $45-$250. The average cost per tow, depending on where you live, can be as high as $500 or as low as $50.

The average towing cost per mile can vary depending on the tow company and the situation. In general, three main factors affect the average towing cost per mile:

The type of tow job: Anytime a vehicle is towed, the tow truck operator will pay for mileage. However, some towing jobs have higher mileage than others.

Towing a vehicle from one city to another has a much higher towing cost per mile than hauling a car from one end of a parking lot to the other. The more miles traveled during a tow job, the higher the average towing cost per mile.

The company: Some companies charge lower rates than others. In addition, some companies may offer special deals or discounts that can affect their pricing structure.

While other tow truck companies may offer flat rate tows to compete with other local companies on price. The more competitive the market, the more likely it is that you’ll see lower rates charged by local tow truck operators.

Location of tow job: Every area has different laws and regulations surrounding towing companies and their fees.

For example, a tow truck company in California might charge less for a basic hookup than a company in Texas because of different state regulations regarding