Enter the pressure potential and the solute potential into the calculator to determine the water potential.

Water Potential Formula

The following equation is used to calculate a water potential.

Ψ = Ψp + Ψs

  • Where Ψ is the water potential
  • Ψp is the pressure potential
  • Ψs is the solute potential

Water Potential Definition

Water potential is a measure of the water’s potential to perform work.

Water Potential Example

How to calculate water potential?

  1. First, determine the pressure potential.

    Calculate the pressure potential.

  2. Next, determine the solute potential.

    Calculate the solute potential.

  3. Finally, calculate the water potential.

    Calculate the water potential using the formula above.


What is water potential?

Water potential is a measure of water’s ability or potential to do work. Doing work involves applying a force strong enough to cause another object, or solution, to be displaced. Water potential at atmospheric pressure is 0. Oftentimes water potential is analyzed as it relates to movement through cell membranes.

What is a pressure potential?

Pressure potential is the amount of work a solution can produce due to an outward pressure acting on it.

What is a solute potential?

Like a water potential, the solute potential is the ability of the solute to do work through movement.

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