Enter the total height of the water tower into the calculator to determine the generated water pressure. This calculator can also calculate height when given pressure.

Water Pressure Elevation Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the water pressure from the tower.

P = .433 * H 
  • Where P is the pressure in PSI
  • H is the height in feet

To calculate water pressure from elevation of a water column, multiply the height in feet by .433.

Water Pressure Elevation Definition

A water pressure elevation is defined as the pressure generated from a column of water on the base of the column due to the force of gravity and density of water.

Water Pressure Elevation Example

How to calculate a water pressure from elevation?

  1. First, measure the height.

    Measure the height of the column of water.

  2. Next, calculate the pressure.

    Use the formula above to calculate the water pressure.


What is water pressure elevation?

Water pressure elevation is pressure exerted by a column of water due to gravity.