Enter the total pressure and the specific gravity of the fluid into the calculator to convert the pressure to head.

Pressure to Head Formula

The following formula is used to convert a pressure to head.

h = p / .433*SG
  • Where h is the head (ft)
  • p is the pressure (psi)
  • SG is the specific gravity of the fluid.

To calculate head from pressure, divide the pressure by .433 then multiply by the specific gravity.

Pressure to Head Definition

Converting pressure into a head is done through the division of the pressure of the specific gravity of the fluid.

Pressure to Head Example

How to convert pressure to head?

  1. First, determine the pressure.

    Measure the total pressure in PSI.

  2. Next, determine the specific gravity.

    Calculate or measure the specific gravity of the fluid.

  3. Finally, calculate the head.

    Calculate the head in feet using the equation above.


What is a head?

A head is defined as the total height of a liquid column that exerts a certain pressure on the base of the liquid container by the fluid.