Enter the value of b0, b1, and x of your linear regression equation to calculate y-hat, also known as ŷ.

Y-Hat Formula

The following formula can be used to calculate y-hat.

ŷ = b0 + b1*x

  • Where ŷ is the value of the linear regression equation at any x
  • b0 and b1 are constants calculated during regression analysis
  • x is variable

To calculate y-hat, multiply b1 times x, then add b0.

Y-Hat Definition

Y-hat is defined as equal to the linear regression equation of a data set created during regression analysis.

Y-Hat Example

How to calculate y-hat?

  1. First, determine your regression equation.

    Using excel or statistical analysis, generate the regression equation of your data set. For this example we find b0 to be 5 and b1 to be 2.

  2. Next, calculate y-hat.

    Calculate y-hat using the formula above and your given X value. For this example we will choose X = 3, so y-hat = 5 + 2*3 = 11.


What is y-hat?

Y-hat is a term used to describe the y value of a linear regression equation of any value x.