Enter the average transfer rate provided by the service into the calculator to determine the 95th percentile bandwidth.

95th Percentile Bandwidth Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the 95th Percentile Bandwidth.

B95 = BP * .95
  • Where B95 is the 95th percentile bandwidth
  • BP is the bandwidth provided by the service provider

To calculate the 95th-percentile bandwidth, multiply the total bandwidth available by .95.

What is a 95th Percentile Bandwidth?


A 95th percentile bandwidth is a total bandwidth that a service provider specifies that the consumer must be inside the rand for 95% of their usage.

In other words, 95 percent of the time, the user must be below the certain level of bandwidth usage.

How to Calculate 95th Percentile Bandwidth?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate 95th Percentile Bandwidth.

First, determine the bandwidth provided by the service. In this case, the bandwidth is 100 MB/s.

Next, the final and last step is to determine the 95th percentile bandwidth using the formula above:

B95 = BP * .95

B95 = 100 * .95

B95 = 100 MB/s


What is the significance of calculating the 95th percentile bandwidth?

The 95th percentile bandwidth calculation is significant because it allows ISPs and network managers to fairly bill and manage network usage. By calculating the 95th percentile, they can ignore the top 5% of usage spikes, which might not represent typical usage, ensuring users are billed for their regular usage pattern rather than occasional peaks.

How does the 95th percentile bandwidth differ from average bandwidth usage?

The 95th percentile bandwidth measurement differs from average bandwidth usage in that it disregards the top 5% of data points that could be outliers or rare spikes in usage. This method provides a more consistent and fair assessment of bandwidth usage over time, whereas average bandwidth usage could be significantly affected by short periods of high traffic.

Can the 95th percentile bandwidth calculation be applied to any network service?

Yes, the 95th percentile bandwidth calculation can be applied to various network services, including internet service providers, data center networks, and corporate networks. It’s a versatile metric that helps in managing network resources efficiently across different types of network infrastructures and service models.