Bandwidth Delay Product Calculator

Enter the data link’s capacity (bandwidth) in bits per second and the round-trip delay time in seconds to calculate the bandwidth delay.

Bandwidth Delay Product Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the bandwidth delay product.

BDP = B * D

  • Where BDP is the bandwidth-delay product
  • B is the bandwidth or data link capacity (bits per second)
  • D is the round-trip delay (seconds)

Bandwidth Delay Product Definition

Bandwidth delay product is a term used in data communication to describe the product of the bandwidth (link capacity) and the round-trip delay time. This is a measure of the maximum amount of data on a network circuit at any given time.

Bandwidth Delay Product Example

How to calculate a bandwidth delay product?

  1. First, determine the data link capacity.

    Measure the total bandwidth in bits per second.

  2. Next, determine the round-trip delay time.

    It’s important that this is round-trip and not single distance delay time.

  3. Finally, calculate the bandwidth delay product.

    Calculate the BDP using the equation above.


What is a high bandwidth-delay product?

Large Bandwidth-delay products in networks are often considered ones greater than 12,500 bytes.

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