Enter the pixel width, pixel length, frames per second, and video length into the calculator to determine the video size.

Video File Size Formula

The following equation can be used to calculate the video file size.

VFS = PL * PW *3* FPS / (1024*1024) *  T / 1028
  • Where VFS is the video file size (GB)
  • PL is the pixels along the length
  • PW is the pixels along the width
  • FPS is the frames per second
  • T is the total video time in seconds

Video File Size Definition

A video file size is defined as the total data storage it takes to contain a certain video file.

Video File Size Example

How to calculate a video file size?

  1. First, determine the pixel dimensions.

    Measure the total number of pixels along the length and width. This is usually considered the resolution.

  2. Next, determine the frames per second.

    Calculate the total frames per second the video is played at.

  3. Next, determine the total time.

    Measure the total time of the video.

  4. Finally, calculate the video file size.

    Calculate the video file size using the equation above.


What is a video file size?

A video file size is a term used to described the total data storage required to hold a certain video.

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