Enter the resonant frequency and the quality factor of a circuit into the calculator to determine the bandwidth. This calculator can also evaluate the quality factor or frequency when provided the other variables.

Bandwidth Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a bandwidth.

BW = fc / Q 
  • Where BW is the bandwidth (Hz)
  • fc is the resonant frequency (Hz)
  • Q is the quality factor

To calculate bandwidth, divide the resonant frequency in hertz by the quality factor.


What is a bandwidth?

Bandwidth is a rand of frequencies within a certain band of a transmitting signal.

Bandwidth Example

How to calculate bandwidth?

  1. First, determine the natural frequency.

    Using the calculator linked above, determine the natural frequency. We will assume 25 Hz for this example.

  2. Next, determine the quality factor.

    The quality factor for this example is found to be 5.

  3. Finally, calculate the bandwidth.

    Using the formula above, we find the bandwidth of the system to be 25/5 = 5 Hz.