Enter the initial velocity, acceleration, and total time into the calculator to convert the acceleration into the total distance.

Acceleration to Distance Formula

The following formula can be used to calculate distance from an acceleration.

D = v*t + 1/2*a*t^2

  • Where D is the distance
  • v is the initial velocity
  • a is the acceleration
  • t is the time.

Acceleration to Distance Conversion

The conversion from acceleration to a distance involves multiplying the average acceleration by the time squared. When an initial velocity is included, you must add that component in as well as described by the equation above.

Acceleration to Distance Example

How to calculate distance from acceleration?

  1. First, determine the initial velocity.

    If initially at rest, assume this value to be 0.

  2. Next, determine the acceleration.

    Calculate the average acceleration throughout the time.

  3. Next, determine the total time.

    Calculate the total time of motion.

  4. Finally, calculate the distance.

    Calculate the distance using the equation above.


How do you convert acceleration to distance?

Calculating distance from acceleration is as easy as using this formula: D = v*t + 1/2*a*t^2. Where v is the velocity, t is time, and a is the acceleration.