Enter the diameter of the aero port and the total number of aero ports into the calculator to determine the total area.

Aero Port Area Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the total area of an aero port.

A = pi*D^2 / 4 * NA
  • Where A is the total area
  • D is the diameter of the aero port
  • NA is the total number of aero ports

To calculate the aero port area, multiply the diameter of each port squared by pi, divide by 4, then multiply by the number of ports.

Aero Port Definition

What is an aero port?

An aero port is a space that provides a framework required to enclose sub-woofers within a cabinet.

What are some advantages of aero ports?

  1. Aero ports are much easier to make then slots when done by hand.
  2. Aero ports let you change the tune of your enclosured without the need to a new box.
  3. Aero ports are more efficiency then slots.

What are some disadvantages of aero ports?

  1. It can be costly to install aero ports.
  2. The structure is less rigid with aero ports.
  3. The sound quality can vary.

Example Problem

how to calculate aero port area?

First, determine the diameter of each aero port.

In this example, the diameter is found to be 6 inches.

Next, determine the total number of ports.

In this case, there are 3 ports.

Finally, calculate the total aero port area using the formula above:

A = pi*D^2 / 4 * #

A = 3.14159*6^2 / 4 *3

A = 84.822 in^2