Enter your hourly rate, days per week worked, # of weeks worked per year, and hours per day into the annual income calculator. The calculator will return your equivalent annual salary.

Annual Income Formula

The following calculator can be used to calculate your hourly to salary rate.

Annual Salary = P*D*H*W+B/O
  • Where P is your hourly pay rate
  • D is the number of days worked per week
  • H is the number of hours worked per day
  • W is the number of weeks worked per year
  • Where B/O is bonuses or overtime

To calculate the annual income, multiply the days per week, hours per day, weeks per year, and hourly rate together, then add in bonuses and overtime.

Annual Income Definition

Annual income is defined as the annual salary before taxes an individual earns on a yearly basis.

How to calculate annual income?

How to calculate annual income from hourly

  1. First, determine your hourly pay rate and working time

    Your working time will include days per week, hours per day, and weeks per year. On average the number of weeks worked per year is around 50 weeks. The other 2 weeks are vacation. If you have vacation pay for these days, enter your weeks as the full 52 weeks.

  2. Next, determine any additional bonuses or overtime

    This will be included in your annual income. All money received from your employer should be considered in your annual income.

  3. Calculate your annual income

    Enter all of the information into the formula above to calculate your equivalent annual income.


What is annual income?

Annual income, also known as salary, is the amount of money earned per year through your job.

Is hourly or salary better?

Both pay structures have their benefit. Salary employees typically have better security while hourly employees can get paid for overtime.