Enter the minimum average monthly temperature and the maximum average monthly temperature to calculate the annual temperature range.

Annual Temperature Range Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Annual Temperature Range.

AT = MaxT – MinT

  • Where AT is the annual temperature range
  • MaxT is the maximum monthly average temperature for the year
  • MinT is the minimum monthly average temperature for the year

What is an Annual Temperature Range?


The annual temperature range refers to the difference between the lowest and highest temperatures recorded over a given period of time. It’s measured in either degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius, and is commonly used as an indicator of climate changes.

The annual temperature range is sometimes referred to as the “climate” of a region or area. This is because it describes the normal variation in temperatures that occur in any given year.

Tropical regions, where temperature varies little throughout the year, are assigned an annual temperature range of 0°. This means that there are no changes in temperature between seasons.

How Is It Measured?

Temperature measurements are taken on a daily basis throughout the year, and an average is calculated for each month. These monthly average temperatures are then averaged together to get one number for each year. If you’re interested in finding out the annual temperature range for your hometown, you can find historical weather data from NOAA in its Climate Reference Network Database .