Enter the true power and reactive power into the calculator to determine the apparent power.

Apparent Power Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the apparent power of a system.

A = Sqrt ( TP^2 + RP^2)

A = I^2 * Z

  • Where A is the apparent power (kVA)
  • TP is the true power (kW)
  • RP is the reactive power (kVAR)
  • I is the impedance current
  • Z is the impedance

Apparent Power Definition

Apparent power is a measure of the combination of reactive power and true power in a circuit.

Apparent Power Example

How to calculate apparent power?

  1. First, determine the true power.

    Calculate the true power of the circuit.

  2. Next, determine the reactive power.

    Calculate the reactive power of the circuit.

  3. Finally, calculate the apparent power.

    Calculate the apparent power using the formula provided above.


What is an apparent power?

Apparent power is a measure of the combination of the reactive power and the true power of a circuit. in other words, it’s a product of the voltage and current while not referencing phase angle.

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