Army Body Fat Calculator (Men)

Enter your age, height, neck circumference, and waist circumference into the calculator below to determine your body fat percentage. This calculator uses the formula created for the Army’s body composition program.

Army Body Fat Formula

The following formula is used by the army to calculate an approximate body fat percentages.

%BF = (86.010 * log10( waist – neck ) ) – [70.041 * log10(height)) + 36.76

  • BF% is the body fat percentage
  • waist is your waist circumference (in)
  • neck is your neck circumference (in)
  • height (in)

While this formula is not 100% accurate for all bodies, it is a good approximation to sift through thousands of possible applicants. If you take a look at the formula above, the best way to reduce this body fat percentage is to reduce the waist circumference, which is done through losing weight in general

Losing weight depends on a simple formula of eating less calories then you burn.

Army Body Fat Requirements

  • Age 17 to 20 – 20% for males, 30% for females;
  • Age 21 to 27 – 22% for males, 32% for females;
  • Age 28 to 39 – 24% for males, 34% for females;
  • Age over 40 – 26% for males, 36% for females.
Army Body Fat Calculator
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