Enter the concentration of BOD and the daily effluent volume into the calculator to determine the BOD load.

BOD Load Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a BOD load.

BODL = BODC * V /1000
  • Where BODL is the BOD load (kg/day)
  • BODC is the BOD concentration (mg/L)
  • V is the effluent volume per day (m^3/day)

To calculate a BOD load, multiply the BOD concentration by the BOD volume.

What is a BOD load?


A BOD load, short for biological oxygen demand load, is a measure of the amount of oxygen it takes to degrade organic matter.

This term is most often used in wastewater treatment applications.

How to calculate BOD load?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate a BOD load.

First, determine the BOD concentration. In this example, the BOD concentration is measured to be 250 mg/L.

Next, determine the effluent volume per day. In this case, the volume per day is measured to be 15 m^3/day.

Finally, calculate the BOD load using the formula above:


BODL = 250 * 15 / 1000

BODL = 3.75 kg/day