Enter any decimal value or percentage value into the calculator. The calculator will return the basis point equivalent value from the information entered. This calculator can also determine the corresponding percentage given the bps.

BPS Formula

The following equation can be used to calculate the basis points from percentage.

BPS = P * 100
  • BPS is the basis points
  • P is the percentage (%)

To calculate a basis point, multiply the percentage by 100.

BPS Definition

BPS, short for basis points, is a term used to describe 1 – thousandth of a percentage. That is 1 basis point is .001%.

Basis Points Example

How to calculate basis points

  1. First, determine the percentage amount

    This should be in the decimal form of the percentage. For example, 50% would be .50.

  2. Next, calculate the basis points

    Multiply the decimal value from step one by 1000 to get your basis points.


What is a basis points?

A basis point is a mathematical term used to describe one-one thousandth of a percentage.

What are basis points used for?

A basis point is used when extremely small percentages are concerned. Typically this occurs in problems with very small values such as parts of pollution in the air.