Enter the words and numbers into the calculator. The calculator will convert those to standard notation. For example, if 1.5 and thousand were entered into the calculator, the result would be 1,500.

Standard Notation Formula

The following formula can be used to convert numbers and words into standard notation.

SN = N * WF

  • Where SN is the standard notation
  • N is a number
  • WF is a word factor
    • For example, the word factor for thousand would be 1,000.

Standard Notation Definition

A standard notation is a process of displaying numbers within the standard form.

Standard Notation Example

How to calculate the standard notation

  1. First, determine the number N

    For examples, 1.5784.

  2. Next, determine the WF

    For example million = 1,000,000.00

  3. Calculate the standard notation

    Multiply the results from steps 1 and two to yield the standard notation of 1,578,400.00.


How is a standard notation calculated?

A standard notation is calculated by multiplying the base value by a factor with some base of 10.

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