Enter your height, weight, age, sex, activity, and weight-loss goal into the calculator to determine your calorie target.

Calorie Target Calculator

The following formula is used to calculate a calorie target:

C = BMR + AC - WLG
  • Where C is the target calories
  • BMR is the calories your body burns at rest
  • AC is the amount of calories you burn while active
  • WLG is the amount of calories less you need to eat based on your weight loss goal

To learn more about BMR and the activity calories burned, visit the calculators linked above.

In this case, the formula is calculating the target amount of calories you can eat to meet your weight loss or gain goals.

What is a calorie target?

A calorie target is a specific amount of calories a person can consume in order to hit their desired goals.

These goals could be weight loss, gain, or maintenance, as well as sports performance goals, muscle gain goals, and so on. The target calories will help a person meet those goals.

How to calculate a calorie target?

The following example is a step-by-step solution on how to determine how many calories a person should target per day based on their goals.

First, determine the person’s individual height, weight, age, and sex metrics. For this example, the person has the following characteristics:

Weight = 200 lbs

Height = 72 inches (6 ft)

Age = 25 years old

Sex = Male

Next, calculate the BMR of the individual based on the characteristics above. Using the formula above for help, the BMR is found to be 2180 calories.

Next, calculate the number of calories this person burned based on their activity level. In this case, the person if moderately active.

On average this leads to 300 calories extra burned per day.

Next, determine the person’s weight loss goal. In this case, the person wants to lose 1-2 lbs per week. That leads to a 250 calorie deficit per day.

Finally, calculate the calorie target using the formula above:

C = BMR + AC – WLG

C = 2180 + 300 – 250

C = 2230 calories per day