Enter the cathode potential and the anode potential into the calculator to determine the cell potential. This calculator can evaluate any variable in the equation below if the other values are known.

Cell Potential Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a cell potential.

Ec = Eca - Ea
  • Where Ec is the cell potential
  • Eca is the cathode potential
  • Ea is the anode potential

To calculate the total cell potential, subtract the anode potential from the cathode potential.

Cell Potential Definition

Cell potential is defined as the difference between the cathode potential and the anode potential in a battery cell.

Cell Potential Example

How to calculate a cell potential?

  1. First, determine the cathode potential.

    Calculate the cathode potential.

  2. Next, determine the anode potential.

    Calculate the anode potential.

  3. Finally, calculate the cell potential.

    Calculate the cell potential using the equation above.


What is a cell potential?

The cell potential is the difference in potential between the anode and cathode of a battery cell. It’s a measure of the total energy storage a cell could potentially hold.

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