Enter the conductivity of an element into the calculator to determine the resistivity. This calculator can also perform the reverse operation.

Conductivity to Resistivity Formula

The following formula is used to convert conductivity to resistivity.

R = 1/C
  • Where R is the resistivity
  • C is the conductivity

To calculate resistivity from conductivity, divide 1 by the value of conductivity.

Conductivity to Resistivity Definition

Conductivity is defined as the reciprocal of resistivity, therefore, the resistivity is also the reciprocal of conductivity.


How to convert conductivity to resistivity?

  1. First, determine the conductivity.

    Using the calculator linked above, calculate the conductivity.

  2. Next, calculate the resistivity.

    Calculate the resistivity using the equation above.


What’s the difference between conductivity and resistivity?

Conductivity and resistivity are opposites. The former being the ability of a material to transmit electricity, and the latter being the resistance to transmittance.