Enter the total dBm into the calculator to convert to units of watts.

DB to Watts Formula

The following formula is used to convert dBm to watts.

W = 10^((dBm-30)/10))

  • Where W is the power in watts
  • dBm is the decibel-milliwatts

Db to Watts Definition

Converting dB to watts is actually the process of converting decibel-milliwatts to watts since decibel in itself is just a unitless factor.

Db to Watts Example

How to convert dB to watts?

  1. First, determine the total number of dBm.

    Calculate or measure the total decibel-milliwatts. This is a measure of power of the system.

  2. Next, calculate the watts.

    Convert the dBm into watts using the equation above.


What are watts?

Watts are a measure of power which is a unit that describes energy over time.