Intensity Calculator

Enter the power and radius into the calculator to determine the intensity of a wave.

Intensity Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the intensity of a wave.

I = P / (4*pi*r^2)

  • Where I is the intensity (W/m^2)
  • P is the power (W)
  • r is the radius (m)

Intensity Definition

Intensity is defined as the power per unit area contained by a wave.

Intensity Example

How to calculate intensity?

  1. First, determine the power of the wave.

    For this example the power of the wave is found to be 200 W.

  2. Next, determine the radius of the wave.

    The radius of the wave is found to be .5m.

  3. Finally, calculate the intensity.

    Using the formula we find the intensity to be 200 / (4*pi*.5^2) = 63.66 W/m^2


What is an intensity?

In physics, intensity is use to describe the power per unit area carried by a wave.

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