Enter the total energy of a photon into the calculator to determine the wavelength.

Energy to Wavelength Formula

The following equation can be used to convert energy into a wavelength for photons.

w = h *c / E
  • Where w is the wavelength
  • h is the Planck constant (6.6261*10^-34)
  • c is the speed of light (299,792,458 m/s)
  • E is the energy

To calculate wavelength from energy, divide the product of the Planck constant and speed of light by the energy.

Energy To Wavelength Definition

Energy to wavelength is defined as the conversion of the total energy contained within a photon into the wavelength.

Energy to Wavelength Example

How to calculate energy to wavelength?

  1. First, determine the speed of light.

    This will be constant at the value of (299,792,458 m/s)

  2. Next, determine the plank constant.

    This will be constant at (6.6261*10^-34)

  3. Next, determine the total energy.

    Calculate the total energy of the photon.

  4. Finally, calculate the wavelength.

    Convert the energy to wavelength using the equation above.


What is a wavelength?

A wavelength is a distance a photon travels as it completes one full-wave or frequency.

What is the planck constant?

The Planck constant is a universal constant of energy*time that describes energy waves.